Lilia Cortina, UM Psychology

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What Are We Missing?
Lilia Cortina


Winter 2018
Lecture Time: 
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm
Lecture Location: 
R0220 Ross School of Business
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Women face countless indignities on the job, including sexual harassment. But what do we mean by this term? What actions “count” as sexual harassment, and what are we missing? Can men be sexually harassed? These questions have motivated several decades of social science research. This talk will review key findings from that body of work, with particular attention to behavioral contours and consequences. It will also address a pressing question: How can organizations move the needle on this problem? The two most potent predictors of sexual harassment, according to science, reside in the context surrounding it. The most effective solutions lie not in individual victims complaining, or individual bystanders intervening. Instead we should look to collective solutions: prevent sexual harassment by overhauling our organizational cultures. This talk will conclude with a discussion of what that might mean for people and their places of work.

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